ABC or Die

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    ABC or Die is inspired by classic arcade games from the 1970's and 80's, sharing easy to understand gameplay and depth in skill and strategy. You will descend into Death's domain while collecting treasure, reaping greater rewards the deeper you go. Not only will you evade Death itself, but many dangers and monsters that lurk below. Fortunately, all paths are marked with what they lead to, so read carefully to find the safest path. Your vocabulary of mythical beasts will be tested, but stay away if you don't know what it is -- odds are it'll kill you!

    Skyward Squirrel

    Android, Google Play

    Climb and fly as high as you can while collecting acorns and avoiding branches.

    How to play:

    • Tap to glide further from one tree to the other
    • You can touch either tree to climb it
    • Avoid hitting branches
    • Collect acorns worth 5 points each
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